Wednesday, September 15, 2010

r-e-d red!

yesterday i picked dean up from preschool and he said the usual things- what they had for snack, the shape they learned about that day, the color, the letter of the week. when we got home i gave the kids a snack and while dean sat at the counter eating he started singing "r-e-d red, r-e-d red, i can spell red, i can spell red. fire trucks are red, fire trucks are red. i can spell red. i can spell red." to the tune of frere jacques. i nearly cried... all 10 times he sang it that day. my baby... what is happening?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's time for a post about Deano

I'm feeling a little guilty for all of the recent posts about Addie. You'd think I only had 1 kid, so I think it's time to do a little bragging about my growing boy!

These days Deano-
*is registered for preschool!?! He'll be going to The Avondale Academy at the end of August and he is so so excited! Everytime we drive my he says "that's my school!". The beauty of this place in that it's only about a 3 minute drive from the house.
*is OBSESSED with the super hero squad. He's moved on from ghostbusters and has put all of his intrest from that to the super heroes. He's got loads of action figures and almost always has them battleing eachother in some way or other. Occasionally he take out plastic forks and puts them between his fingers to pretend he's wolverine. He's such a character!
*is recognizing numbers and letters
*is learning how to use a computer
*has a new interest in watching Veggie Tales, which I think is great, since it's got a great message.
*is able to wear his first pair of flip flops. In the past I've bought them for him, but his feet were always too chubby to fit into them, now they're perfect. And... he can put them on by himself! Score!
*isn't willing to eat a huge variety of foods. Chicken nuggets from McDonalds, Dinosaur Chicken, most fruits, no veggies aside from corn and peas, unless I sneak them into something. : /
*loves to run around the house throwing himself all over the couches.
*is working on not using pull ups for nighttime... which is proving to be a little difficult since he's such a sound sleeper.

Deano is generally a happy kind kid. He doesn't mind sharing at all, just so long as no one tries to take his toys home with them. He HATES change... doesn't like furniture to be moved around, or toys to be transferred to knew toy bins, he's a funny boy. Even if I move is carseat around in the car, he hates it.

Love my boy!

Dean's first friend party

A month or so ago... maybe more? Dean was invited to his very first friend birthday party. It was for Aiden Doxey and Dean had a great time. It was a mighty machines themed party and the kids had lots of fun playing with big building blocks and diggers, tractors, dump trucks ect...

abuncha new posts

I've gotten a bit behind in publishing recent posts, and once they were published I wanted them in the correct order, so go ahead and scroll down to check out a few new things!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 months!

Addie babe is 14 months... already. Didn't she just turn 1... and wait, wasn't she just born?
Anyway, she's happy as always, maybe more in some ways, less in others.
These days Addie:
*is walking!!! one day about 2 weeks ago she flipped her walking switch and boom, within about 3 days she was a pro. aside from the 4 or so bruises that have graced her head from failling/tripping on her new legs.
*can sign please
*wears her hair in pigtails and pony tails
*still eats baby food a lot, and i say hey, who cares... she happily eats her veggies in pureed form, so who am i to complain?
*loves crackers and just about anything sweet
*dances everytime she hears music. imagine a toddling 1 year old stopping dead in her tracks when music comes on to start bouncing and smiling.
*climbs up onto the couch, much to my dismay, and trys to get a leg up on just about anything she can
*doesn't love her stroller so much anymore, probably because she thinks she needs to walk everywhere now.
*rode her first tiny battery opperated four wheeler with her cousin makaiya... without moms help!
*loves loves loves books. i probably put the books away atleast 10 times a day.
*brown eyes
*has size 3 feet
*wears 6-12 and 12-18 month clothing
*wears size 4 diapers
*drinks out of a sippy cup aside from a bottle first thing in the morning and a bottle just before bed.
*loves her little blankie... and immediately perks up and smiles when she sees it
*has reddish hair except for the patch that went bald on the back of her head when she was a baby, that spot in super blond.
*is generally good natured and patient. she shares and is pretty tough.
*LOVES babies... fake ones, real ones... it doesn't matter. if there is a picture of a baby on my computer screen, she grins hugely, points and says "dee dee" over and over. love it! i have 2 books on a shelf in the living room that are about parenting, and so they have babies on the cover. of all the books lined up for the taking, those two are the only ones she pulls out, just so she can look at the babies. she's all girl.
*knows where her belly is
*covers her eyes with her hands in an attempt to hide. so so cute.
She's my baby... i love her, what can i say?

Monday, June 21, 2010

13 months

Well... if I'm being truthful, I didn't update this month and so it'll probably be a short post because Addie girl has started doing other things and I have a hard time remembering what she knew between her 12th and 14th months. Oops!

Anyway, I'll post a few pictures of the little sweets and tell you the few things I know she was doing this month.
*Signs more
*Loves to pull her bow out and then try to put it back it.
*loves to pull out any clip I may be wearing, then try to put it in my hair and then her own. She's never successful, and so I do it for her and the game starts all over.
*walks... a little little bit. like, 2 or 3 steps. she's still just occasionally trying it out, but her method of movement is really crawling still
*only 2 teeth... still. poor girl has to gum everything she eats.
*got really sick this month for a few days. during that time all she was really eating/drinking was pedialyte and the occasional cracker. she lost about a pound and her appetite has never been the same since. going without her regular food for so long made her hesitant about retrying anything, and so now she's a bot more picky. : /

Friday, May 21, 2010

365 days

May 21st, 2009
May, 2010

Addie, my doll, my lovie, my sweets, my little princess,

How are you 1 already? I must admit I'm a little sad (ok,a lot), you were supposed to stay small and cuddly and squishy forever (you're still cuddly and squishy... just not as much these days... or maybe you're more squishy?). I love you. How could I not love those big brown/green/blue eyes? You're such a sweet girl, so easy going, easily pleased. I'm so so glad you're part of our little family. You were the perfect addition. Thanks for letting me be your mom.

These days Addie babe:
*still crawls around, which is fine with me
*happy happy happy
*loves to play pat-a-cake
*loves everyones attention
*loves tubbies with dean
*claps when we say yay
*combs her hair when she gets ahold of a brush
*loves to chew on toothbrushes
*still only has 2 teeth
*wears size 3 diapers
*wears size 6-12 months clothes
*wears size 3 shoes though they're still pretty big
*has reddish hair
*has brown eyes... most of the time
*happily eats just about anything you put in front of her
*has an adorably loud laugh/scream
*wears pony tails in her hair now... but pulls bows out everytime i put them in her hair
*is 22 lbs.


My Sweet baby is 1! So, does that really make her a baby anymore? Either way, it's gone by too quickly!
This is Ad the morning of her day!

The candy shop set up, complete with:
SaltwaterTaffy, gumballs, whirylpops, cotton candy, cupcakes, and laffy taffy

The birthday girl and her daddy

Opening presents. I really wish I had gotten a picture of Addie with all of her gifts, but try getting a picture of a wiggly one year old in a pile of new toys. Not happening.

Addie's smash cake. MMM...

Gearing up for a loud rendition of happy birthday
She wasn't quite sure what to make of it. note: fondant... not ideal for a first birthday. doesn't make for easy tearing into. (i'm pretty sure i told them i didn't want fondant, but it was cute anyway)

After a litlte help, she got it!

Happy birthday Doll! We're so glad you're a part of our family!
Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us (physically there or not).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

where i complain about time

Addie is 11 months old. It was actually a little bit sad to type that sentence. She's not my cuddly baby anymore. She's my independent mover these days. Has anyone figured where the rewind button is? Or atleast the pause button? I'm pretty sure there's one out there somewhere. Anyway, my little lovey is growing up!
These days Ad:
*has her second tooth
*has learned to go from her belly to sitting
*crawls everywhere (though it isn't a traditional crawl. sure,occasionally she gets up on her knees, but the majority of the time she lays flat and pushesoffthe ground with her chubby little piggies)
*pulls herself up to standing
*doesn't so much laugh as scream and squeal with delight
*still has red hair (!!yay!!)
*has hazel eyes,changing from green to brown daily
*has CHUBBY kissable cheeks
*loves patty cake
*loves anything involving dean (aside from his occasional biting)
*wears size 3 diapers
*has regular blowouts
*has only ever refused the eat 2 things- broccoli/cheese soup and gravy. both were very salty
*is a bottomless pit
*wears 6-12month clothes, except for her jeans, which are 12-18 months because they're long enough on her legs
*can wave hi, and even say it
*takes every oppertunity to escape from the gated off living room
*will go to anyone
*will immediately go to anyone with food, if they'll give her a bite
*still rarely cries
*still sleeps throughthe night
*is very happy!
weight- 21lbs

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bum party

*3/31- dean said:

"mom, my cars are having a bum party."

i wasn't sure what that was, and i wasn't sure he had any idea of what it might be either. sure enough i saw a group of cars each paired off with their back bumpers touching. definitely a bum party! hahaha

*3/31- dean held up a small stuff horse and said:

"mom, this in henry the helpful horse."

*sometime mid march- dean was in another room playing a game he was obviously winning, because he went from quiet to:

"i-i-i-i-i-win! go dean. go dean. go dean!"
*4/23- lyn and i had taken the kids to the mall and on our ride home we may have let a few naughty words slip... things like hate and stupid. dean had to tell us more than once:
"hey! that's a naughty word, you don't say that."
to which we said sorry and he replied:
"it's ok."
so quick to forgive.
*all of april- almost daily dean finds a treat or snack that i tell him he can't have at the moment because he's either already had candy for the day or it's almosts time for a meal. he always replies with:
"ok, i'll save this for later in a bag."
at that point he puts whatever he's saving into a little ziplock bag and puts it in the fridge. i usually forget about it until later that night after he's gone to bed when i open the fridge to find random things that don't belong there like a granola bar, or pop tarts, or lollipops. i'm pretty sure i'll miss the day i open the fridge and don't find some silly reminder that my 3 year old has been there.
*first week of april- ty ty went to florida with his family and sent me a text to tell dean that he was about to ride the hulk roller coaster. (dean is very into anything super hero squad lately.) when i told dean he was so excited! he said:
d-"should we go ride on it mom?!"
me-"i think it's too far away for us to go ride."
d-"well, should we take a plane?"
a little later he said:
"i need a plane mom."
i said: "why bud?"
d-"so i can get to the hulk coaster."